TOM's Gift Guide: February

It’s that time of the year. Hearts, roses and all. Gifts for your gals, pals or lovers are a mere click away, thanks to TOM.

Whether you think Valentine’s Day is the most romantic time of the year or a capitalistic plot to get you to spend money on cards, gifts and flowers, I believe that any excuse to celebrate love is something I don’t want to miss out on. 

Whether it is to celebrate that special someone, a partner, a spouse, a good friend, a family member or even your pet, February is the month of love. And my love language is gift giving. So I wanted to share with you some gifts that you can bestow upon your loved ones to thank them for being in your life and to spoil them a little — okay, or a lot. 

For the gals 

One can never have enough mugs (or coffee). Now add the fun of having matching mugs with all your best friends? Now you have yourself a perfect gift. 

I think the best way to get your girlfriend's gifts is to envision the time and place they will use it. Ideally with you. So imagine this, you are all hanging out at one of your friends’ apartments. It's a cold day,  you are drinking wine and talking for hours or maybe you have your mugs (perhaps the TOM mug, hint hint) filled to the brim with tea, watching a movie. You have the blankets, the movie, the good company. What’s missing? Why a candle of course. Good smells and a faint light is the perfect gift to give your lovely friends that host you in their homes. Don't forget the matches to go with it!

For the special ones 

Any gift becomes a little bit better once you add a little piece of ‘you’ in it. So the Me & You Double Zipped Pouch is perfect for you and your boo. Perfect for the single luggage you will pack together for romantic getaways or adventure-filled roadtrips. 

The best sweatshirts are the ones you don’t buy for yourself. The ones you take from your partner or receive as gifts, always feel just a tad bit better. So why not give the gift of what feels like a comfortable and warm hug. It’s cold and while you should be available for a warm embrace whenever your s/o asks for it, sometimes you cannot be. And then the second best thing should be available. A sweatshirt. Warm, simple and comforting. Just how love should be.  

A lot of TOM’s friends are currently expecting, which is very very exciting for all of us. And there is no better gift to give your partner (or friend) a bag to put all the things that her baby would require. Favorite pacifier? Favorite small toy? Yes and yes! It will make new moms’ lives easier to have everything packed and organized in one lovely bag. 

For the furry pals

Your pets deserve their own stuff too! A gift for them and for you, the Pet Things Bag can hold your furry pal’s favorite toy as well as necessities.  

For yourself! 

Important message incoming. To be able to love others, you should be able to love yourself. I know that feeling is never constant, the level of love you have for yourself can change a lot. However I do believe that it should always be present. So use this month to thank yourself, to give yourself a gift and pat yourself on the back. 

You might have understood this by now, but TOM likes it simple. And straightforward. I am all about comfort and ease. So some good quality socks are the perfect gift to get for myself.