People of TOM: Self Care


As you may or may not know, I have decided that March is the month of self care. What that means for me is taking care of my body and my mind… Taking time for myself, doing things that I enjoy and whatever else I fancy. This fast-paced world can really slow you down and emotionally overwhelm you, so I take pride in being able to shield myself from that — not always, but that is okay too.

There are certain things that keep me grounded and safe from the negativity that can take ahold of you at times; listening to certain songs, journaling, traveling, seeing friends… But I also take great inspiration from others; learning about what makes them feel good, what rituals they include in their daily lives and the songs that make them feel light and happy. So… I asked a couple of creative, inspirational people that have become close friends and supporters of TOM three questions;

  1. When do you feel like your best self?
  2. Do you have any routines or rituals to make yourself feel good?
  3. What is a song that makes you feel good? 

 My wish is that their answers inspire you to cling to positivity at times of darkness and motivation in times of apathy. Ok… Shall we begin?

 Manolya Ruso, Content Creator

  1. I feel best when I am preparing food in the kitchen, accompanied by wine and beautiful music.
  2. I have routines. Routines are important. My morning routine is critical for me. As soon as I wake up I meditate, journal, have coffee and then workout. It keeps me sane.
  3. I cannot pick between Dreams by Fleetwood Mac and Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader.

 Fatih Hardal, Graphic & Type Designer, Founder of Typografische Type Foundry

  1. I try to stay away from gluten but I can never say no to pizza. If I can trick myself and forget the importance of time, I feel best when I am eating delicious pizza while watching a football match.
  2. I have been working from home for years. While it sounds great, it can also be quite difficult at times. I try to wake up as early as possible and take a cold shower to begin my day as positive as I can manage.
  3. It is very hard to pick one song that makes me feel good. I have a wide range of favorite genres but I think I will pick from Rap music. Especially when I am trying to stay dynamic, Hidra’s Nabız is a great choice.

 Melike Sarıkatipoğlu, Chef and Content Creator

  1. I feel best when I am with my family in nature, or while drinking great food and eating delicious wine with friends at sunset.
  2. I like waking up before everyone else and spending time with myself. Taking an early-morning walk is one of my instant feel-good pleasures.
  3. There is a song that has been boosting my mood and making me feel good for years; Odessa by Caribou.

 Melike also shared a playlist with us! 

 Aylin Tahincioğlu, Co founder of MERS

  1. I feel best when I can spend time with my family. Every second I get to be with my daughter, son and husband is extremely important to me.
  2. To feel good, I need to spend time for myself. I feel energetic and healthy when I workout and meditate.
  3. I have been listening to Shook Pt. 3 by Nick Morgan at the gym recently.

 Kaptan Bilal Okur, Owner of Kundurá and manufacturer

  1. My job revolves around problem solving so when I manage to do things that are seen as impossible in Turkey I feel really great. Also, when I am able to accompany my clients throughout their projects and end up with a great result, I feel extremely satisfied and good. I love it when the people I am working with have a team spirit — it is important to be a team.
  2. Writing is a big part of how I work and think. So writing and creating roadmaps about everything from work to personal development is a ritual of mine. 
  3. I listen to Mevlevi rites.